Lolita Flores


Related article: Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:10:28 -0700 (PDT) From: jo brother Subject: The Adult StoreI had never been with a guy yet but had a really strong urge. so one nite I went to an adult book store. Lolita Flores I didn't know any thing or way to act on my urge so after walking around the store for about an hour and know body being in the store.I went into a booth in the back of the store. I pulled the curtain closed and selected a guy guy porn to watch. I was watching the guys suck and fuck each other and my cock Begin to bulge out of my white silky thong panties that tied on both sides with pink ribbons (I took from my girl fried). I felt a Little wet spot so i unzipped my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles and as i touched the head of my rock hard cock i felt that clear wet precum and couldn't help but to slide my finger across the head of my cock and bring it to my mouth it tasted so good and as i leaned my head back to enjoy more of this I noticed someone peeking in on me through a crack in the curtain. I thought to myself there isn't anyone in the store except the cute college boy working the counter. And when I glanced again and got a better look, much to my surprise it was him. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he watched me put my hand down my silky white panties and play with my engorged cock. I noticed him stroking his unit and could not help thinking of being with him some how or some way not even knowing how or what to do, I just started slowly rubbing my cock and licking the precum with my finger and after about two or three minutes of me doing that it must have turned him on because as he was stroking his own cock through his jeans I saw him drop his pants and his boxers and was just standing out in the hall with his huge cock in his hand and he began stroking his cock really fast and hard as he watched me lick my wet precum from my fingers and my stomach. then he just opened the curtain and dropped to his knees and slowly pushed my chest back against the wall and untied my panties with his teeth, then started at the base of my balls right next to my asshole with his tong and slowly licked up to my head and back down and then around my hole more and more i was going nuts and loving every minute of it then he took my whole cock in his mouth and throat and began sucking and sucking while at the same time stroking his own cock and in no time at all i blew my first load in a mans mouth and as I was shooting my cum in his mouth he shot his load all over my smooth inner thigh and when he milked me dry he used his tong and licked all of his load off my thigh and licked my balls so smoothly again and again.it felt soooo sooooo gooood. I want that night to happen again and again but with more ass play and maybe me licking the cock allot......this is a true event and was my first experience at the age of 24.
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